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Why Palliative Care Is Best Provided At Home

We have had a focus on Palliative Care recently, as it is a topic close to our hearts. We specialise in Palliative care and have been providing these services in Adelaide and Darwin for over 20 years.

In our opinion, and from Palliative Care research that has been done in Australia, death is more institutionalised here than many other countries.

70% of Australians prefer to die at home, but more than half die in hospital and a third die in residential care. Australia has some way to go to establish community and financial support systems to help people die how and where they wish, but for now we must make the best of what we have.

Start planning for your palliative care, it’s a conversation worth having sooner than later

Even though you may be faced with a decision about Palliative Care and your finances may be dictating this, there are still choices that you can make to start planning for how you would like to die. It’s a conversation we are used to having and we are not shy about discussing some very important decisions regarding this delicate time of anyone’s life, especially if it is arriving sooner than later.

An Advanced Care Directive can be established well ahead of time. It is a form that is legally binding that details a person's wishes for future care, end of life and living arragements. It is not mandatory but we highly recommend it as it an opportunity to discuss these matters as a family group. There is a DIY kit right here on the Advanced Care Directives SA website.

A dying person’s wants and needs

Respect, honesty and dignity during this time are paramount to someone’s life being remembered with loving dignity and grace. Sometimes this can be overlooked if there are too many palliative care patients to look after. As a nation we are growing in awareness about the importance of choice around both ageing and dying.

Home care for the ageing population now provides more choice in how and when the care is provided. Likewise, we will hopefully see the same sort of choices available to all Australians for the way in which they choose to die and by whom this care is provided. 

At our core, we all wish to have a death that embraces the following needs and wants:

  • I want to be cared for and die where I choose to
  • I want to be involved and have control over the decisions about my care
  • I want to choose my nurse and have the same nurse everyday
  • I want someone to be available whenever I need them
  • I want my loved ones to be supported and involved throughout my care
  • I want great care with empathetic and professional staff
  • I want my social and spiritual needs to be supported as well

We have a right to die with our needs and wants attended to. It has a great benefit not just for our soul, but for our family and our community. A community that looks after its elders well, that respects and enables death in a loving way, is a healtheir community.

Palliative care is provided mostly by hospitals at the moment because community support to fund palliative care at home has not been established enough in Australia. If you want to provide palliative care at home for your loved one, here are some Palliative Care charities that you may like to contact. You can also call us here at Home Nursing Solutions and we will look for ways to help you afford the care you want.

Palliative Care Foundations that you may like to contact

The Mary Potter Foundation

Laurel Hospice

Talk to us at Home Nursing Solutions about your Palliative Care needs – we will help you find a way to afford the care you need

We will help you find a solution so that you or your loved one’s death is one that will be lovingly remembered. Call us on (08) 8331 3791 for a confidential conversation.


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