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Why Home Nursing Solutions Have Decided to Opt Out of Providing Aged Care Home Care Packages

6th December 2018

It is with a great deal of frustration and sadness that we have had to come to a decision recently that we will no longer be taking on new home care clients. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was definitely well overdue and needed in Australia, as many of us in aged care agree.

However, the unforeseen ripple effect of this commission, the knee-jerk reactions of organisations responsible for upholding aged care quality standards, the fact that there is a huge dose of fear circulating in the industry about “who has done what incorrectly”, and the government’s expectations of small businesses such as ours, has made it impossible to continue providing home care packages.

Small businesses trying to do the right thing, sadly to no avail

We say this with regret and disappointment and after many years of providing aged care, and with many loyal and happy clients, we have chosen to cease providing aged care services and hand over our clients’ home care to another provider.

Over the last few weeks, we have spent close to $30,000 on re-writing home care plans and developing new policies and procedures, being told to use “preferred” consultants. We were given a short time frame to update processes that have been in place and worked well for many years.

We acknowledge that we needed to make some changes to keep up to date with our paperwork, as all aged care providers must do in today’s climate, and we were open to improving our processes and procedures. Every small business is always finding ways to improve their service, it is a part of growth and development. But the demands of the government, their time frames and the cost was prohibitive.

Expectations of smaller operators such as ours is too quick and too steep

We tried to do what was correct to keep up with ACQS and the new standards in place, but the government’s ask of us was too quick and too steep. It is clear now that there is no thought given to smaller operators such as ours, who simply do not have the staff or funds to focus on this much administration in such a short time frame.

To pay consultants who have been recommended by ACQS to update our paperwork and procedures, was going to cost another $130,000 over and above what we have spent already – and we simply cannot afford this.

Home care is being driven back to the larger providers and many smaller ones who provide quality, attentive care will end up giving up on aged care as we have.

We were told that we were “too warm and fuzzy” – really? In aged care? You would have thought that because of the Royal Commission and the industry needing to step up so that older people actually felt better cared for, that warm and fuzzy would have stayed on the agenda!

Home Nursing Solutions offered:

  • one on one time with our clients
  • attentive client service
  • the same regular carers which our clients valued
  • individualised service
  • consumer directed care – our clients led the way when it came to their care

Without the smaller home care businesses such as ours delivering home care and keeping a healthy range of providers in the marketplace, there is a risk that consumer directed care which we have worked so hard to implement since its introduction in 2015, will start to disappear, with the power in the hands of a few very large corporations.

Continuing with Palliative Care and NDIS Approved Disability Care

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our decision to opt out of home care packages in aged care. Please call us on 08 8331 3791 if you have any questions.

We will continue to provide palliative care and NDIS approved disability care across Adelaide.

We are speaking with quality home care providers for our current clients to ensure they are handed over to a home care provider with a similar value system and ethos to ours – Your Care, Your Way.


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