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Thoughts about Aged Care – Stay Social and Stay Well with Home Care Services

No matter what our age, human beings need social contact. Some need it more than others but ultimately, we learn, grow and express ourselves with other people, sharing our life and experiences. If these avenues are not available to us anymore or are thwarted by other influences, we end up feeling isolated and lonely – and it does not have to be this way.

In Australia, 10-15% of our older population (over 65 years) experience depression and anxiety, and this is most often brought on by loneliness.

Unlike the days before depression and anxiety were spoken about, and thanks to organisations such as Beyond Blue who have brought these issues to public awareness, we can stay one step ahead and get the help we need. Home care services can be customised to include a social program that suits you, so that you stay socially engaged and active in the community. We will help you create a lifestyle that makes the most of what can be a very rewarding time of your life.

We grow older and our priorities change

As we age, our friends may pass on, we may lose a little confidence getting around our community by driving or walking, or we may just not have the energy we used to. All these things can lead to a more solitary life, but with a little bit of planning ahead, we can prevent social isolation.

We may be older, wiser and know who we are, but perhaps we still need a little bit of help to re-invent ourselves and find a new meaning and purpose for life. It is never too late to reinvent yourself – and why not? It could be the next wonderful stage of your life!

At Home nursing Solutions, we help our clients develop a lifestyle, through their home care service that includes social avenues and activities, whether they are things you enjoy today or new activities you want to explore.

Retain your independence as you age

Australians have a strong independent spirit, especially those who have been part of our country’s industrialisation over the last 50 years – baby boomers and prior.

Home care services allow you to stay in the delightful comfort of your own home, surrounded by your familiar community, remaining independent for as long as possible if not for the rest of your life with a little bit of help.

Use your home care package to get you out and about in your community

It’s one of the purposes of our home care services – to stay socially connected. Home care is used for all other services of course, such as domestic care, shopping, cooking and cleaning, but we also build in a component of social activity – as much as you need within your home care package.

Here are some examples of how we help our clients stay active in their community doing the things that they enjoy:

  • We take Ian to his Men’s Sheds workshops
  • Lil stays in touch and gets involved in her Probus meetings and get togethers
  • We take John to the local coffee club to meet his mates every week
  • Tim goes to the local lawn bowls for a weekly match
  • Maureen still enjoys her regular Bridge games
  • Phil likes to go shopping for his grandkids
  • Maria likes to visit her local church group weekly

Whether you have social activities you want to maintain, or whether you want to discover and get involved in some new activities or hobbies, we will help you by creating a home care package that keeps your socially connected to your community.

Let us help you develop a social program in your home care services

Call Home Nursing Solutions today on (08) 8331 3791 to discuss how we can help you stay connected to the things you once loved or discover some new interests with the opportunity to make new friends.


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