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Living With a Disability – 5 Disability Blogs Worth Following

There are now over four million people living with a disability in Australia. A disability is any condition that impairs a person’s mental, sensory or mobility functions. With technology, aids and communities becoming more disability friendly, people around the world are online sharing their stories about how they are getting on with their lives making the most of their situation, and empowering others to do the same.

There are many resources now to read, review and connect with to help people and their families living with a disability.

Here are a few select blogs we have handpicked. Living with a disability is hard work, and these people have shared their stories to help others on a similar journey.

Wheelchair Travel

John Morris of Wheelchair Travel has been travelling the world in a wheelchair since 2014 and flown on 665 flights. He is a passionate traveler who decided to continue traveling, no matter what his condition. This blog has information about flying with wheelchairs, accessible hotels to stay, cities not safe for wheelchairs and more. A great blog to follow if you have aspirations to see more of the world.

Parker Myles

In January 2013, Kat found out her son had Down syndrome in the birthing suite. When he was born he spent the first 16 months of his life on oxygen. She shares her experiences on her blog Parker Myles, and offers no-nonsense and everyday tips to parents of children with a disability. She talks about the practical needs of the children and the emotional needs of the parents, so the whole family will benefit from her blogs.

My Disability Matters

My Disability Matters brings interesting articles from around Australia and the globe about living with disability. You’ll be kept up to date with this blog. They are committed to providing access to information for people living with a disability to improve their wellbeing. There are thousands of articles and a community where you can connect with others.

The Mighty

The Mighty was created by Mike Porath, who on the same day several years ago, found out that his unborn baby was missing an organ and that his two year old daughter had a rare chromosome disorder. As Mike says, “Among the greatest lessons that we’ve learned on this adventure is that the challenges we face truly can become our greatest opportunities.” The Mighty connects people from around the world living with a disability and is dedicated to sharing people’s stories about autism, disability, Down syndrome, mental illness and more.

Simply Emma

Emma is a young woman living with muscular dystrophy who loves to travel. She shares how she gets out and about with her wheelchair with lifestyle tips, beauty tips and even wheelchair fashion tips! Although she is based in Scotland, her tips are valuable for any young adult living with a disability.

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