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In-Home Palliative Care with Home Nursing Solutions in Adelaide – You Live Life Until You Die

At Home Nursing Solutions, we embrace the philosophy that “You Live Life Until You Die”. This is no truer than true when it comes to people in their last weeks or days of life.

We specialise in in-home Palliative care and have been delivering this service to people in Adelaide and Darwin for over 20 years. We deeply understand the needs of the person whose life will soon be coming to an end, as well as the needs of the family members involved.

As difficult as it may be at this time, it can also be a time of immense personal growth for all concerned and with the right help, you can create memories of those final weeks and days with someone that will remain treasured forever. For us, this is a successful outcome to any palliative care that we provide.

Palliative care is life-affirming and treats dying as a normal process of living

It aims to make the person as comfortable as possible, without either hastening or prolonging death, but allowing death to arrive in its right time. It provides relief from pain and other symptoms and supports the person to live fully until the end.

Palliative care supports the family members to transition through this phase as well

In many cases, family members will not have experienced the death of a close loved one and are not sure how to handle the situation, what to do to help and even how to grieve. We provide support and guidance to family members with the intention to make this time with their loved one the best it can be. It is not uncommon for cultural and family issues to arise during this time and we are experienced in dealing with delicate family matters during a delicate time.

Good palliative care supports the person on many levels taking into account their spiritual, social, cultural and existential needs

This is a time to put aside any bias to ways of dying and allow the person to fully embrace the end of their life, exactly in the way they wish. This requires great honesty and courage and a willingness to truly experience the sweetness of living and life in those final weeks.

Having a peaceful passing is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved one and to yourself

This work is not for the faint hearted. We have been delivering palliative care services in Adelaide and Darwin for over 20 years and our team is highly skilled and deeply empathetic to people’s needs during this time. It is incredibly rewarding work because as you can imagine, having a person’s trust fully and intimately at this stage of life is a great honour and therefore we take great care.

Please call Home Nursing Solutions to discuss your Palliative Care needs at home, on 08 8331 3791. We are here to help you transition through this stage with grace and love.


Client Testimonial

"The care my husband received from the staff at Home Nursing solutions was incredible, he was able to stay in our home right up until the end. I will never forget the kindness and professionalism we were given." 

Mary, SA


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