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How Homecare Has Made Me Feel Human Again

Last year Trish had an unfortunate turn of events that was life-changing and started with an infection in the heel of her foot. The infection spread and left her with peripheral neuropathy, which essentially means she lost the nerve endings in her feet and her hands, making it very difficult to do simple daily chores.

Trish spent two months in hospital and underwent many blood tests and ultrasounds in order to determine the source of the problem and how it was progressing. After her hospital stay she spent another two months in two different aged care centres and then a spell in rehab where she had physiotherapy sessions twice a week to develop movement in hands and feet again.

She eventually moved back home and received a homecare packaged and in her words, “homecare has made me feel human again”.

Physical wellbeing follows emotional and mental wellbeing – homecare meant staying in the comfort of her own home to heal

For her specific condition, the time she had in aged care facilities, although necessary at the time because of circumstances, were not optimal for her recuperation. She knew in order to heal properly, she needed to be in the comfort of her own home. She was also told by her doctors that her rehabilitation would be unlikely and that she would not be able to do the things she used to do.

But Trish had other ideas. Between herself and her loving and attentive husband of 50 years, Malcom, they were able to develop a way forward.  She would have preferred to be at home for the entire time but had to wait for her homecare package to be approved. As soon as it was approved she returned home.

A very determined 75 year old lady who focused on her rehabilitation in her own way

Home Nursing Solutions were asked to provide her homecare. We visit Trish several times a week and we work on a care plan that is intended to help her become independent again. We provide physiotherapy, light house-keeping tasks and we help her with showering and grooming and we take her shopping whenever she needs.

She has now been at home for 7 months and has come a long way. When she moved back home she was not able to walk or shower herself, and used a wheelchair to get around. She now uses a walking frame and has recently started to shower and groom herself. Only 5 months later, she took off on a cruise to Fiji with Malcolm!

Trish’ goal is to walk with only a walking stick by the end of this year

And Trish will get there. We are helping her with physiotherapy and other rehabilitation exercises and plenty of encouragement as she gradually heals her body and develops control over her movement again. It is incredibly satisfying for us when we see such determination in people to get better and we know we are helping them along the way.

Homecare has been a blessing for both Trish and Malcolm

Malcolm loves having his wife home and provides a lot of her care, and Trish gets to be in the sanctuary of her own home.

“The carers at Home Nursing Solutions cannot do enough for us, we provide a list of what we need and nothing is ever too hard. Homecare has helped me become human again.”

These are the comments from our clients that inspire us to do the work we do. We love caring for people, it is natural for us. As a small family owned business in Adelaide, we provide homecare the ageing, for people with a disability and also for those needing palliative care. Please call Home Nursing Solutions on 08 8331 3791 to discuss your homecare needs.


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