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Home Support Services - Over 65 And Thinking About Your Lifestyle As You Get Older? 

Our life span has increased in Australia. There are now 15% of Australians who are over 65 years old, and by 2030, people over 65 year will be greater than those under 15 years which will be a first ever in this country.

Is it our diet, more exercise, medications or general healthier living that makes this possible, or is it simply evolution? It could be a combination of these influencing factors, apparently the first person/s to live to 150 in Australia has already been born!

So what does this mean for all of us approaching our 60’s and 70’s?

For many people, plans for retirement have been pushed out till later than they expected. This has meant they need to stay productive longer- either by staying in the workforce which is no easy feat with ageism alive and well in this country, or staying self employed.

On a side note - Australian businesses need to cast a wider net with employment and understand the logical, valuable reasons why employees over 50 should make up a good portion of their workforce. After all, not only do we have plenty of experience to offer but also a great deal of common sense and wisdom, saving businesses valuable time and money!

And, if we don’t need to be working, we still need to be productive – there are more than 20 years ahead of us! How can we pave the way to ensure a good lifestyle with the right support as we get older?

Home support services were made available to Australians to help with this emerging issue.

For some of us, living longer raises concerns about our health and wellbeing as we age

To start thinking about getting some help at home sooner than later is smart. There are countless stories of people getting older, who refuse help only to find themselves not coping and potentially moving to a residential aged care facility.

If you plan ahead a little and bring in a low level of support to start with, then you can increase it as you go. This is smarter, easier and less stressful than waiting until you are in dire need. If life at home gets too challenging, we see many people during this crucial time transitioning to residential aged care.

Home support services help you to remain at home safely and comfortably during your latter years

Every hour of home support services used means a 6% reduction in the risk of entering a residential aged care facility. We are here to keep you comfortably and safely living in your own home, making these latter years rewarding and fulfilling.

You can start with some simple chores, like getting help with the groceries or the gardening. Over the years your home care package can change to accommodate your needs so if you need more home support services such as travelling to and from appointments, or help with cooking and cleaning, then we can include these in your home support services.

Your home support service changes with you as your needs change – call Home Nursing Solutions today

For more information on how you can get started with home support services, call Home Nursing Solutions on 8331 3791. We to help you make the most of and enjoy these latter years of your life.


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