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Disability and Aged Care

Living at Home with a Disability

Choosing to live at home as an elderly person, especially when you have a disability, can be a rewarding experience even if it is a little challenging. Depending on the level of disability, you may need to make home modifications or may just simply need some aids. If you have spent some time preparing your home to make it easier to live in and you have established some additional support from family, friends or registered NDIS aged care providers, then you will be able to stay in your home perhaps longer than you thought.

A little bit of planning goes a long way in situations such as these.


Disability Aids

There are many disability aids that you can install in your home that will make life much easier. You can modify your home with specific equipment such as hand rails and use aids for daily tasks such as cutting vegetables. Some examples of equipment available are as follows:

  • Cleaning and laundry aids
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Slip resistant bathroom mats
  • Trays and over-bed tables
  • Food trolleys
  • Special utensils – knives, forks etc
  • Handrails and sitting support aids
  • Walking and standing aids
  • Remote control switches

There are several businesses in Adelaide that sell these aids, please call us for advice on what types of aids may be best for you. For specific home modifications, we would refer you to a qualified provider.

Get the support you need with the NDIS

There are several ways to get that little extra support that you need. Mobility and disability aids will help you on a daily basis. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals will help you develop techniques to manage better at home.

There are also disability home care organisations such as ours that will provide as much or as little home care support as you need. We are an approved NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Provider. The NDIS replaced the NDA (National Disability Agreement) which supports people with disabilities to take a more active role in their treatment and ongoing care. People who access the NDIS before they turn 65 have the option of continuing their care under the scheme as they get older.

Call Home Nursing Solutions on 08 8331 3791 to discuss the NDIS and your home care needs.


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