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Are You Concerned About Giving Up Your Independence With A Home Care Service?

Transitioning to a lifestyle where you are supported with a home care service takes some time to adjust to. You may feel that having someone in your home providing home care services may take away your independence, or affect your privacy.

These are valid concerns that we discuss openly and honestly with our clients. The transition phase to receiving home care needs sensitive attention to help you adjust and throughout this phase (and beyond) it is important to remember that you choose what care you want and how it is delivered.

The purpose of having a home care service is to minimise the possibility of having to go to an aged care facility, supporting you to stay at home, comfortably and safely, knowing that help is only a phone call away.

It is best to start thinking ahead about your needs in the years to come, as you don't want to leave it till you are needing it urgently. For example,

  • Will you still be comfortable to drive yourself around to see friends or do the shopping?
  • Will you be able to stay socially connected to your community?
  • Will you maintain your household chores as easily as you are today?
  • Will you need some help in the garden?

A home care plan transitions with your needs – start with light household help

To start with you can use your home care plan for lighter duties such as help with housework, the garden, doing the shopping or cooking preparation.

A little bit of help like this at home is good forward planning - it will take some of the pressure off to keep home maintenance going, especially if you are on your own or looking after a spouse who you may be caring for.

Or you might even like some help getting around to some of your weekly social and community activities.

As the years go by – transition to more help at home

Why not do more of the things you enjoy or even develop a new interest – isn’t this one of the great benefits of having more time on your hands during retirement?

Then, as the years go by and you need some more help at home, with transport or medical support, you have your home care provider who has a history with you, understands your needs and can continue to tailor your home care package to work for your lifestyle needs.

Therefore, you are prepared if you need the extra help at home, instead of trying to get help at the last minute and potentially having to pay private home care fees.

Concerned about your privacy at home?

Sometimes people may be concerned about losing their privacy by having someone in their home. Starting home care is a new way of living but remember that you need only start with a couple of hours of help a week and then increase this if you wish.

We are sensitive to helping people transition to having someone in their home providing help, and take this process slowly, respecting your need for privacy and independence. Everything we do is with your agreement and you make the choices around your home care – how, what and when it is delivered.

Call Home Nursing Solutions today and start planning for the future – Your Care, Your Way

Call us today on (08) 8331 3791 for a no obligation chat or email us and we will help you start planning ahead and considering your home care options. We will explain the home care service and what’s involved in the actual delivery of care, and how you can use home care to support your lifestyle and changing needs.

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