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For The Love Of Pets - The Benefit of Pets in Elderly Care

They seem to know what we want, that little look, the subtle change in our behaviour, they are onto our every move. And the older we get, the more protective they become and the more we grow in love with them – our furry and feathery friends! We witness many of our elderly clients with their pets everyday and the wonderful companionship they bring.

If you have not experienced the heart opening effect that an adored pet can have in your life, then it is never too late to adopt an animal to cherish.

Pets bring love and joy into our lives as well as responsibility. Their loyalty provides emotional security and safety and their constant presence gives us purpose and responsibility.

The benefits of owning and caring for a pet are many no matter what your age, and for the elderly these benefits are all the more enhanced.

What are the benefits of pets in elderly care?

Pets provide companionship

If you are living alone, a pet will always be at home with you, or waiting for you to get home. Their companionship is priceless and all they ask for in return is some attention and a hug. They will also relieve feelings of grief if you have recently lost your spouse.

Pets relieve stress and worry

Pets have been shown to help lower the level of cortisol, which is the stress-inducing hormone, as well as to increase levels of serotonin, which is the feel-good hormone. This results in a reduction in blood pressure improving your heart health and a general sense of improved wellbeing.

Pets encourage social interaction

Pets keep our minds active and engaged and in many ways support us to stay socially active.

If you have a dog, you can take it for a walk and meet other dog owners. But if you have a cat, bird or a rabbit who are not so interested in going for a walk, they will still prevent feelings of isolation and withdrawal from social interaction mainly because they keep you thinking outside of your own worries and interacting.

This has an overflow effect in your community and will keep you socially engaged with your neighborhood.

Pets keep you active

Animals will keep you active whether it’s because you need to take the dog for a walk down the park or get out in the back yard and clean out the rabbit hutch or the birdcage.

You need to be able to think ahead for food, vet appointments and other things your pet may need. Your pet will keep you accountable and actively engaged in its wellbeing.

Pets improves mental and emotional wellbeing

Owning and caring for a pet takes the focus off ourselves and our own concerns and refocuses it on your pet and their needs. In fact, one of the reasons mental health issues such as depression and anxiety arise, is because people are so pre-occupied with their own inner world – what has happened in the past and what might happen in the future.

Pets bring us back to the present moment and delightfully remind us of the here and now.

We look after your pets as part of your home care service

Pets are a loved member of the family for many of our elderly clients. Your pets also benefit from our home care services. Our home care service can include looking after your pet’s needs such as taking them for a walk or to the vet for appointments, or just giving them the attention they deserve.

Home Nursing Solutions is a leading nursing agency in Adelaide which is family owned and run by a team of nurses and provides home care packages to residents throughout the metropolitan area. Call us today on 08 8331 3791 to discuss how you can get started with home care.


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