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7 Benefits of using Home Care in Adelaide

Home Care in Adelaide has been growing consistently over the last decade as a preferred option for people wishing to stay at home with some extra support. Whether it is aged care, support for a disabled loved one, or palliative care during those final months of life, home care provides many benefits.

You are in your familiar environment

Staying at home in your familiar environment means you remain in a comfortable place surrounded by everything you love and are familiar with. Your family and friends can come and go as they like. Your pets are still there with you. It is the best of both worlds, staying at home with as much or as little support as you need.

Your family and friends have some respite

Your family and friends may have taken on a carers role and providing support to you. With home care services, they will move into more of a companionship role and this will provide some respite. They can continue caring for you and we work with many family members to ultimately deliver a good care plan. But with our help, it means you can enjoy their companionship and engage in social activities more.

Your local community benefits too

You are an important member of your local community that you have been participating in and contributing to for many years, no matter how large or small your involvement. The local shopping centre, the local parks, your church and any clubs you are part of make up the larger community that you belong to. Every community needs both young and old to remain healthy and balanced and your presence contributes to this.

Your spiritual needs are maintained

Whatever these may be, you are able to continue these freely and unencumbered in your home and at your local church or temple.

Your wellbeing is in your control

You are ultimately in control of your wellbeing. When you are comfortable and happy with your living environment, your mental and emotional wellbeing improve. Mental and emotional wellbeing have a direct impact on your physical wellbeing so you are more likely to stay healthier and happier at home.

Your personal needs are met

You can use our home care services as little or as much as you need. We will discuss a care plan which may include anything from housework to helping you get dressed and taking you shopping or to a doctor’s appointment. If you are feeling isolated, we can help you find ways to interact with your local community and improve your social engagement.

Your medical needs are met

Our qualified nurses will help you with your medical needs. They will create a health care plan which might include liaising with GP’s, specialists and other health professionals. They will help you with wound care and medication delivery. Many of these services that have traditionally been delivered at hospital or medical centres, can be delivered in your own home.

In the long run, home care is a better option for yourself, your family and your community. You live life right up until the end, these years can be rewarding and empowering. Let us help you provide the support so that you can live the best life you can.

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